Flipz On Summer Giveaway!
Enter to Win Flipz's Ultimate Outdoor Office Chair

Don’t spend your summer working from your desk. Enter to win the Flipz On Summer
chair to spend the season working from anywhere but the office.

  • 90-Bag Summer Supply of Flipz for 90 days of summer
  • Mini Flipz Fridge: to keep your Flipz cool and accessible
  • Dual Wi-Fi and VPN Hotspot: so you can actually work
  • Noise-Canceling Headphones: to quiet the outdoors for virtual calls
  • Mouse Jiggler: to keep you logged in while catching some rays
  • Laptop Desk: for comfortable working
  • Chair Shade: so you can escape the glare and see your screen
  • Tech Pocket: to stash your tech gear when you’re done working
  • Cooling Fan: to protect you and your laptop from overheating
  • Beach Bag: to carry your chair and everything else needed to work outdoors

Enter below through June 23 for the chance to win the Flipz On Summer chair to work and snack
from anywhere with ease all summer!